Finding the right lender for you home purchase or refinance can be difficult. The process can feel convoluted for even the well-informed, this is why you need a professionally licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) to guide you through the pre-approval, processing, lender underwriting, pre-closing and closing. One mistake in any of these steps can cost you your dream home, or cost you optimal pricing and terms (which can literally mean tens of thousands of dollars). At EZ Lending Pro, we understand that your situation is as unique as you are; this is why we approach things differently. We consider "one size fits all" to be an antiquated, corporate philosophy. Our goal is simple: to take a tenuous and complex process and make it low stress and understandable. The only thing we want you to worry about is finding room on your keychain for the key to your new home.


what we do

Pre-approval, Finding the right lender, First-time homebuyer, FHA, Conventional, VA & Jumbo


Lower payment, lower interest rate, cash-out refinance, rate-and-term refinance

Credit Consultation

Get your credit score in shape, free consultation and analysis

Why choose EZ Lending Pro?

  •    We work with different credit types because we know life happens
  •    First-time homebuyers will receive a full presentation on what to expect because we believe in educating our client to make them a more creditworthy borrower
  •    Pre-qualification is done based on analyzing actual financials
  •    The MLO controls the processing of the loan from start to finish
  •    In-depth analysis and interpretation of the loan is done prior to submitting the loan to the lender
  •    Direct communication with the buyer/seller agent to boost up the confidence of your purchase contract
  •    MLO is solely dedicated to manage small amount of loans in the pipeline in order to provide you the attention to detail that your loan needs to get the approval
  •    MLO acts a consultant and will provide you with credit analysis if any potential improvements are identified to secure better pricing with the lender
  •    We know our lenders and work closely with the underwriters to get your loan approved in timely matter
  •    Pre-Approval is given same business day as we receive your 1003
  •    We present the tangible benefits of the refinance
  •    We actually attend your loan closing

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